Leeds Early Years Association

Admissions Policy


LEYA is the admission authority and has responsibility for setting these admission arrangements and for making decisions regarding admissions applications.

These arrangements seek to comply with the Local Conditions of Funding, the Statutory Guidance for Local Authorities on the Delivery of Free Early Education for Three and Four Year Olds, two year old Funding

LEYA Ethos

Our Pre-Schools will genuinely make our settings accessible to families and children from all sections of the local community regardless of race, gender or religion. We aim to ensure that all sections of our community have access to the Preschool through open, fair and clearly communicated procedures.


No activities such as visits  or home visits are compulsory.

Our setting must comply with Leeds City Council Local Conditions of Funding .

A charge cannot be made if a child is only attending our setting for funded hours .

Parents only wishing to use their 15 funded hours with us need to choose sessions carefully so that they can access the full 15 hours.

Details about buying additional sessions or hours are set out in the LEYA fees policy

Childcare Vouchers

LEYA accepts childcare vouchers.


We welcome visits from parents and children who are considering applying for a place at one of our settings. This is an opportunity for you to see what we have to offer. Visits are not a compulsory part of the admissions process and will not affect decisions on whether a place can be offered at our setting. If you would like to visit one of our Preschools, you should contact us to make an appointment.

How to apply for a place

To apply for a place at our setting you should use our application Form. The form is available by request from the Preschool and on the website. Parents can also contact via the Facebook page of the setting.

Places are not allocated to a child automatically, even where:

  • There is an older sibling attending an LEYA preschool
  • A child attends a particular toddler group or Children’s Centre attached to one of the preschools
  • A parent has expressed an interest at any time in the pre-school
  • The child has always lived close to the pre-school.

LEYA cannot hold places empty if another child applies for admission. We will publicise the need to apply but the responsibility for making an application will be with you as the parent.

 Information Provided in an Application

We would like all applications to be fully and honestly completed. It is important that where we offer places to some and refuse others we do so fairly and consistently. Where we have reason to believe that information is false and has been provided knowingly we may withdraw the offer of a place. If you know or believe that your child’s address will change before admission, you must inform us immediately.

If there are fewer applications than places then no application will be refused. Only if there are more applications than there are places available does LEYA prioritise applications according to the criteria below.

Your application will be managed by a named person. We will contact successful parents to welcome them to the pre-school and to make arrangements for admission itself. You will also be contacted if we do not have a place available so that you can apply to another setting.

If you need help finding a place at another setting please contact Leeds Family Information Service

Priority order registration

  1. Any child with an EHCP
  2. Children in Care or who ceased to be in Care because they were adopted, made the subject of a residence order or made the subject of a special guardianship order.
  3. Children for whom an exceptional medical or social need is demonstrated.
  4. Children who live in one of the preschools designated area with a sibling on roll at the time of application.
  5. Other children living inside the pre-school’s designated area.
  6. Children who live outside of the pre-school’s designated area with a sibling on roll at application.
  7. Other children.

Child Places

The maximum number of child places allocated per day is at the discretion of the setting manager. The manager will decide this based on the settings cohort. For example; if a setting has a higher than average number of 2 year olds or children with SEND the maximum number of places per day may be low (24). If the cohort is mainly children aged 3-4 the maximum number of places may be higher (28). To ensure outstanding quality early years education we will not register more than 30 children per day unless exceptional circumstances arise.

Waiting Lists

Following allocation of places the preschool will retain a waiting list. Waiting lists will adhere to the criteria above. Places on lists will not be prioritised according to how long a child’s name has been on that list or by the age of the child. It is possible that a child’s name could go down on a list as well as up. If a place is only available for a short period of time, i.e. half a term or less, then the school will discuss with the parent whether it would be in the child’s best interest to attend our setting for such a short period of time before having to find a place at another setting. Continuity and consistency is of paramount importance in the early years and transitions to and from settings can be disruptive for a child. Parents with very young children, i.e. those that are not due to start within the next two terms, will be asked to complete an application form which can be requested from the setting or downloaded from our website.

Increasing the Hours Attended

If a place becomes available part way through a term and there is a waiting list, priority for the place will be given to the child/children on the waiting list as to ensure that the maximum number of children possible are accessing their entitled funded hours. If the parents on the waiting list do not want the places at the times that are available, then the places can be offered to parents of children who are already attending one of our preschools.

Similarly, if there is not a waiting list and there are parents of children that already attend our setting who want to either take up additional funded hours and/or buy extra hours then a list of those parents will be made and the oversubscription criteria will be applied to determine who should be given priority for that place.


May 2019

To be reviewed May 2020