Early Years Management and Practice

We have created this resource to support good management and practice in the Early Years sector.

Good Practice Guides 

We hope that you find the following Good practice guides helpful. At the LEYA we have a wealth of experienced Early Years Practitioners  who have extensive knowledge and understanding of early years development. We want to share these expertise with the wider early years community as we all know that in early years sharing is a very important!

Covid 19

The Early Years sector is under immense pressure due to the pandemic. We want to help the sector by providing support to managers and practitioners as we navigate our way through the pandemic. On this page you will find :-

  • Template Letters for parents , MP’s and Councillors
  • Links to updated guidance
  • Latest information from Leeds City Council
  • Campaigns and Petition

Mini Guides 

Quick reads , 1 minute max. activities, recipes , top tips. All from our fabulous team.

Sustainability and Caring for the World

“We did not weave the web of life, we are merely strands in it. Whatever we do to the web we do to ourselves” Chief Seattle 1854

At Leeds Early Years Association we recognise how important it is to teach our children to take care of the world in which we live. We try to practice what we preach by considering the impact on the environment when using and buying resources.

We aim to reduce unnecessary waste, reusing everyday items to create scrap sculptures, and ensuring the children understand that some things can be recycled. 

Eco Team

We have a dedicated staff Eco team,

Sue McLeod at Headingley Preschool

Lourdes Romero at Meanwood Valley Preschool

Both are passionate about the environment, and who are currently working on an accreditation scheme to continuously improve our sustainability.

Do you have any skills or suggestions to contribute that would help us to achieve this? Please let us know.

Health and Nutrition 

We are passionate about ensuring all children have access to healthy nutritious food. Lourdes Romero (Meanwood Valley Preschool) works hard educating the children on the importance of being Healthy in a Holistic way, starting by educating children about where food comes from.

We are committed to teaching the children abut healthy food by being hands on and having real experiences of growing, harvesting and cooking with real raw ingredients. making this a success is a team effort:-

We have our own Hens that provide our eggs for cooking and baking 

We are creating a Preschool Allotment , so we can grow our own produce all year round

Mick (Leeds Community Spaces) is helping us create our veg patches , plant an orchard and grow our own veg!

We have a fantastic working partnership with Seasons Well – who have helped us plan our edible garden 

Food Bank – Emma and Michele have run a food bank for families who have needed help over the pandemic 

At Meanwood Valley Preschool the children enjoy eating fruit and vegetables for their snack and Lourdes spends much of her time teaching the children how to cook with healthy (home grown- eventually)  ingredients. We also understand that ‘you can’t be good all the time’ and it’s important to treat yourself and others every now and again.

Check out Lourdes’s recipes and guides, the LEYA Recipe Book will be available to purchase soon .


A Day in the Life of… 

Check out our ‘A day in the life’ documents. They are designed to give you an insite into the world of Early Years and the different roles involved in running a fantastic Early Years Setting.