Covid 19 Management Support 

We hope you find the following documents useful as we navigate our way through educating during a pandemic.

Join our campaign to get Leeds Early Years educators prioritised for the vaccine!

Writing to your MP

Writing to your local councillor or MP is an excellent form of communicating your concerns. Your local MP and Councillors are responsible for representing their constituents. Their position allows them to raise issues on your behalf and make changes at local and even national level.

We have written to a number of councillors and MP’s in Leeds. Please feel free to download the letter and send to your Councillor / MP to push for answers and raise the concerns of the Early Years Sector.

How do i find my MP?

Follow the link below to find who your local MP and councillors are.

Find my MP / Councillor


Make us a Priority for the COVID 19 Vaccine 

Local Authorities are making their own decisions regarding prioritising Early Years educators for the vaccine.

For example Doncaster Council announced on the 25th January 2021  that they aim to vaccinate all Early Years staff by mid February ‘as part of the priority Health and Social Care frontline workers’. Camden and Cambridgeshire are also rolling this out. This therefore suggests that Early Years staff are facing a postcode lottery of protection from Covid 19 which is not acceptable.

Leeds Early Years!

We need to make some noise and be prioritised urgently!

We now know that as of 24/1/2021 the new variant of Covid 19  :-

  • Is more than 30% more transmissible
  • Has a higher mortality rate

We now know that to date :-

  • 18 nursery workers have now died of Covid 19 and a total of 217 educational staff (all roles)
  • 0-4 year olds are the only age group with rising infection rates . Week of the 4.1.2021 – 1267 children in this age group infected compared with week of the 2.11.2020 – 537 children infected.
  • 31k nursery workers have been infected since December 1st 2020
  • 1 in 10 nursery workers are now expected to be infected
  • 591,000 children were attending Early Years settings 18.1.2021
  • A total of 2086  0-5 year olds have been hospitalised with Covid 19
We keep hearing that Nurseries and schools are safe, they pose no risk to the workforce or community transmission. However the above facts do not suggest this to be the absolute truth. So  we need to campaign to be prioritised for the vaccine program to ensure we are protected as a sector.

Join our campaign, download the letter and lets protect one another!