Good Practice Guides and Case Studies 

We hope the following documents are helpful and provide support for practitioners and managers 

Cultural Capital amidst a Pandemic 

“the pandemic is exacerbating the disparities in educational opportunities available for children to develop new skills. While children of higher socio-economic means often benefit from enrichment programs, these opportunities are unfortunately not available to every child.” (Catarina Vales)

The LEYA strongly values the creative processes and free choice to self select experiences as research tells us this empowers children to be an expert, have a talent, be engaged , achieve , win and have the opportunity to succeed. We always celebrate this as we understand the worth of celebrating children’s progress and achievements.

For more inför about how we deliver Cultural Capital though our service please see our Lantern Project Page 

Art Studio 

We want to reflect the working world in our settings and mirror real working environments.  We therefore use the correct terminology such as the  Art Studio.

A studio is a room where an artist, photographer, sculptor, works. It is a workshop, workroom, atelier, office, study    (Oxford Dictionary)

This document summerises how we developed the Art Studio to meet the creative needs of the group of children attending.


Mark Making 

How we have set up our Mark Making Studio.

Including a list of resourses


How our enhancements impacted learning and progress

the importance of revisiting and refecting on the changes you have made to your provision.

Measuring the impact through observation and assessments.

In the moment Planning 

The following document details how In the moment planning took place during one of our preschool sessions.

This document shows how a simple idea can trigger many learning oppertunities that span the range of the curriculumn

Case Studies 

The following documents show how we support families and children to be their best and make good progress during their time with us.

Case Study 1 – Safeguarding and Supporting children and Families 

The importance of Early Intervention, seeking SEND support and engaging parents and families. this case study documents a summery of support for one family.

Case Study 2 – Working with Refugees 

This document is a case study of work carried out to support a family seeking refuge in the UK. We understand the importance of Early Intervention and strong support for families.

Case Study 3 – Living Eggs Project

The LEYA is proud of its diverse and inclusive demographic and ensure that everything we do at the preschools is driven by ensuring all children have an equal right to academic success, resources, experiences and progress.

At Meanwood Valley Preschool the children have raised chicks and now have Hens at the Preschool. Here is a case study about how the project helped one of our children with their language and behaviour development

Case Study 4 – Library Service

The library hope to  deliver a stigma free, non-judgemental learning package for all care- givers and children to use.

We feel that the development of a Library is an innovative way to engage (encourage) parents to invest time in reading and playing with their children.

Research tells us that if parents read regularly with their children they are likely to develop more extensive vocabularies