We are developing the Lantern project as part of the wider LEYA organisation . Our project will be an additional service that encompases the ethos and community values of our charity.

Lantern will aim to tackle access to Cultural Capital and Erichment in our preschool communities  by providing children aged 0-8 with opportunities to enrich their education through participation in the Arts .

Alongside this we will ensure all children have acess to adequate food  though our food bank and  free breakfast service. As we understand that without enough food and nutrician children are not able to learn effectivly. 

Cultural Capital and Enrichment 

At LEYA we strongly believe that all children are gifted and talented and should be allowed to shine bright like a lantern!

Did you know that every child has the right to “participate freely in cultural life and the arts” as a means to social mobility and economic health?

Our project is designed to  support parents to engage in their children’s learning, deepen their understanding of cultural capital and be empowered to become an advocate for their child as they move through the education system.

We believe that Arts and culture can be a shared experience, bringing together people and improving community cohesion, relationships, wellbeing and outcomes for children in education all the way through to adulthood.

We understand  that access to extra curricular activities provides pleasure, sense of participation, self expression and teaches essential skills for life.

Sadly time after time the benefits of a rich cultural education is  preserved for those who can afford it.

We hope to change that soon.

What are we are planning to include? 


Coffee and Culture – A support group for parents/grandparents with half termly guest speakers.

Library – Parent and child library, including home learning and take home information packs

After school Culture Club (Mon/ Wed/ Fri 3:30 -5pm) – Art and life skills focused provision for children aged 3-8. Led by specialist practitioners.

Stay and create 0-5s– weekly stay and play group with Art and Heritage focus. delivered by LEYA staff at Meanwood Community Centre .

Termly Exhibition, End of Year Showcase – A  CELEBRATION OF THE ARTS IN OUR COMMUNITY

We believe…

All children deserve equal access to enrichment activities and the Arts. That all children should have the oppertunity to discover and nurture their unique talents.

We will measure the impact of our project right from the start by working with families and supporting parents and carers with their childs transition to primary school.

Lantern will work with receiving schools to that children enrolled with us are recognised for their gifts and talents before they enter the school system and will will continue to support families and children all the way to the end of key stage 1.

We are curently seeking external funding to make our plans a reality.

Let’s ensure that all CHILDREN SHINE!


Black History Month @ Meanwood Valley Preschool

An enrichment project @ Meanwood Valley Preschool celebrating Black History through the medium of art. An inclusive project that ensured all children contributed to the piece and were given the support that needed to do so. The children enjoyed the process as much as the end product. The children were engaged and motivated by the activity ; asking questions, making observations “he’s got a guitar” and “that lady really is a real princess isn’t she” making decisions about design and colour. A shared experience that the children enjoyed,  felt proud of , and celebrated as a community. Please visit our Gallery to see more! 


Animation Project @ 

Headingley Preschool

We loved creating and directing this fabulous animation with the children @ Headingley Preschool with local artists Laura Blackwell and Elizabeth Simpson. We premiered the film at the Hyde Park Cinema and it was enjoyed by all!